All of Life in Miniature: Reflections on 70 Days in Lebanon

Sunset in Ashrafieh, the heart of Christian East Beirut.
One of the more coherent pictures I took on my wild ride through Shatila.
A mountain is engulfed in clouds in the Nahr Ibrahim Valley.
French balconies in Beirut’s Gemmayzeh neighborhood, with Muhammad al-Amin Mosque in the distance.
Sassine Square in Ashrafieh, where a banner of former Lebanese president and militia leader Bashir Gemayel hangs high. Gemayel has been a powerful, if controversial, symbol of national unity for Lebanon’s Maronite Christians since he was assassinated in 1982 during the war.
Political posters in the ancient city of Sidon, in southern Lebanon. The one on the left features members of the Hariri family who dominate the largest Sunni party in Lebanon, the Future Movement. Above flies the flag of Saudi Arabia, the party’s chief financier.
The text reads: “From you, for you, on top of you.”
Muhammad al-Amin Mosque with the Martyrs’ Monument in Downtown Beirut

Freelance writer/reporter constantly in transit. Middle East & Eastern Europe | National Security | Foreign Affairs

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